Euripides's Trojan Women is flipped on its head when a middle aged doll maker goes on vacation and finds herself in the middle of the Trojan refugee camp. The lighting followed the conventions of a Greek play, following through a single day from morning to night, until the burning camp lit the sky so it was bright as day.


Older Designs

Written by Julia Tindel
Produced by Gustavus Adolphus College, Fall 2012
Directed by Kaitlyn McElrath
Scenic Design by Carrianne Brobst
Costume Design by Allison Schmidt
Performed in repertory with Edge of Our Bodies.
Written by Adam Pascaal
Produced by Gustavus Adolphus College, Fall 2012
Directed by Amy Seham
Scenic Design by Nate Dexter
Costume Design by Bethany Davidson
Performed by Karla Leitzman
Performed in repertory with At Risk


Written by John Askew

Adapted from the Memoirs of Christopher Isherwood

Produced by The Space Theatre, London, England Summer 2014

Directed by Kathrine Timms

Costume Deisgn by Hayley Adams


Written by Chirstine Evans 
Produced by Gustavus Adolphus College, Fall 2013
Directed by Amy Seham 
Scenic Design by John Olive 
Costume Design by Larissa McConnell
One girl's exploration of Shakespeare's plays leads to the discovery of mental illness in her sister. Prominent Shakespeare characters come to life, but are they really there or are they imaginary. Lighting reflected that uncertainty by fluctuating between a study room florescent look and etherial colors.
"Bernadette is 16. She is pregnant. Her boyfriend doesn't know. Much more importantly than all that, however, she will soon be auditioning for her high school's production of Genet's The Maids . As she stands on the cusp of adulthood, she must learn to untangle the real world outside from the thorns of her imagination."

In 1929 the novelist Christopher Isherwood left England on a one-way ticket to Berlin in search of intellectual freedom and sexual liberation. Ignoring the disapproval of his overbearing mother, Isherwood launched himself into Berlin's underground gay scene and wrote a series of successful novels reflecting on Germany's fall into the grip of the Nazi Party. Spanning ten years of Christopher's life this exciting new script tells one men's story of sex, love, and belonging set against the backdrop of a nation torn apart by poverty, prejudice, and fascism.